General Risk Assessment Template

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General Risk Assessment Template

Task/ activity or premises assessed: Information about the event and location

Location: Address

Name of assessor: Name
Date of assessment: xx/xx/xx

Review Date: xx/xx/xx

Hazards and Effects Affecting Whom (staff/ visitors/ public/ contractors) Risk rating with no controls Existing Controls (if any) Residual risk rating (with existing controls) Actions required where residual risk is still too high
Outline of activity/task:
Slips, trips and falls caused by infrastructure at event, un-level ground, mole hills Artist/ Participants/ Members of the public 24 The event routes will be checked beforehand to ensure there are no major hazards, artist will take care not to leave equipment or luggage laying around where it may be a trip hazard 12
Risk of falling into water Artist/ Participants/ Members of the public 32 Artist will take care not to run any activity so close to the water's edge that people are at risk of falling in the water. Parents/carers will be advised that they must supervise their children at all times 12
Weather conditions - hot weather leading to risk of heat stroke, dehydration, sun burn. Artist/ Participants 16 People have been advised to dress suitably (e.g. hat, sunscreen, waterproofs, depending on the weather). The artist will carry bottled water throughout the event. 8
Vehicle movement in an area used by pedestrians Artist/ Participants/ Members of the public 12 The car park is open to the public as usual and cars will be travelling at low speed. The meeting point is away from the car park and no activities will take place in the car part itself. 6
Medical emergency Artist/ Participants/ Members of the public 24 First aid provision will be on site to deal with any minor injuries or accidents and to assess any medical situation. There will be a fully qualified first aider on site. Treatment can be given in the van if needed. If the issue cannot be dealt with by first aider, 999 will be called. Any accidents will be reported to the Event Manager and logged on an accident form. 6

Signature of the Assessor: Signature

Date: XX/XX/XX

  • This template is take from 'How to Work with Local Authorities: A Guide for Artists' produced by Dover District Council (DDC) and Dover Arts Development (DAD)