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Mesh: a wiki for everything you wished you learned in art school


On this platform, you can add your own artist-related resources, find answers to specific questions, or just have a browse and connect with people. The more users a wiki has, the more valuable of a resource it can become. We hope you enjoy using this site and encourage you to make use of its tools to shape your own art-worlds and connect with people in your local area and beyond.

The joy of wikis it that enables everyone to be both a contributor and a user, which makes it easy to share ideas and resources around a specific purpose. If you've never contributed to a wiki or online resource before, don't worry - this guide shows you how to get started

Through highlighting and valuing what we already have and sharing this knowledge with others, we're exploring ways of coming together, shaping our own art-worlds and developing alternative notions of success.

If you're feeling very stuck and want to speak directly to someone, message us on Discord by join the Mesh Discord server .

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On this site


An atlas of workshops, facilities, groups and artists in the UK, organised by location and by type


Useful and practical templates, guides & walkthroughs


A library of creative activities and readings to inspire your practice

Wiki wish-list

What would you like to see on the wiki? what are we missing? are you able to answer any of these users' questions?

Sorting Pile

If you can't find the right space to add your resources, drop them in this sorting pile! Another user might just move them to the right section for you.

How to use this site

Getting Started - setting up a MediaWiki account and making your first edits

Community guidelines - how to follow the aims and ethos of this site

Accessibility guidelines - make sure your contribution is accessible


What is a wiki?

Wikis are websites or databases developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. They are well suited for gathering knowledge from multiple perspectives, and for sharing information that is evolving. You can find out more about wikis here (on the most well-known wiki of them all, Wikipedia), and explore some examples of other wikis which have inspired us:

Critical Practice Chelsea

Stencil Wiki


Into the Wild

This wiki was instigated by Chisenhale Studios' artist development programme 'Into the Wild'. The taught programme is opened up through initiatives like this wiki, so that other artists can connect with the ideas, information and thinking that’s shared during the programme.

Aims ethos.jpg

These documents are collaborative, creative interpretations of the ideas which have inspired the wiki, produced by the 2020 Into the Wild cohort.

Download a PDF of Mesh ethos: File:ETHOS-5pp.pdf


The following artists have contributed to this site:

Esther McManus

Niklas Gustafson

Susannah Bolton

Sophie Chapman

Matilda Glen

Isis Whiteaway

Jessica El Mal

Zaneta Zukalova

Charlotte Dawson

Lauren J Matthews

Rebekka Yallop