Susannah Bolton

From Mesh

Refracted looping
Undulations afoot
And holding it all down, I glitter above the broken Shreddies

A cold that draws the comfort from my hand
Slumping it out
Dragging dust crumbs and hair, a shrivelled pea becomes a geological erratic
Hanging the duvet dropped the once-green boulder almost silently downstairs

They said it would be up to seven working days for a new filter part. In the meantime, strata were laid: unwatched cornflakes pushed methodically into the carpet, gusts of loom dust hesitated
Wavering over the weight of gravity.

The luminescence held within quartz tells when the mineral last saw daylight. Defects within the crystal structure trap electrons, which Vax nozzle is best to suck these β particles out? ‘Static electricity, even the interactions of one atom with another can overpower the call of gravity.’
Space is very dusty. Vacuuming the vacuum, there’s a labelled box waiting.