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Name Website Description
Toolkit for cooperative, collective and collaborative cultural work [1] A toolkit for cooperative, collective and collaborative work by Press Press in partnership with the Institute of Expanded Research Baltimore
care-to-co-operate-online-toolkit [2] Wales Co-operative Centre's Care to Co-operate Online Toolkit. A free interactive online toolkit designed to help tho se interested in setting up co-operative care and well-being services in Wales.
Etiquette / code of conduct for zoom events [3]
Access Docs for Artists [4] resource on how to create a doc that outlines your access needs
Distributed Web of Care [5] This project imagines the future of the internet and consider what care means for a technologically-oriented future. The project focuses on personhood in relation to accessibility, identity, and the environment, with the intention of creating a distributed future that’s built with trust and care, where diverse communities are prioritised and supported
Evening Class Membership Agreement [6] Evening Class is an experiment in self-organised education that has been active since January 2016. There membership agreement has some handy tools and access to their calendar. Evening Class meetings and becoming a member is open to all.
12ø Collective Policy Guidelines [7] "Lots of our activity is online but we also run projects IRL by working with other organisations. We have written ourselves these guidelines so we can refer to them as we work. We have lots to learn and improve on our ways of working so we will continue to update this document as we grow."
Networks Of One's Own [8] The publication series Networks Of One’s Own is taken care of by related but independent collectives. For each of the episodes, we propose different experimental and collective practices for situated writing, technical learning and (digital) publishing. In this way, the series allows for showing multiple perspectives, to generate multi-voiced forms of documentation.
Arts Chain - The Importance of Participatory Arts – An Open Letter [9] Arts Chain is an informal network of participatory arts, community arts and socially engaged practitioners, based in the North of England. This letter advocates for the important role of the participatory arts movement for the arts and culture in this country in the next ten years. It has been written to capture the views of smaller organisations and individuals working in this area as freelancers or micro-businesses.
Deveron Projects - 'Being Social' [10] Being Social was an online discussion exploring the future of socially engaged arts in socially distanced situations. A video of the discussion is available on the website and a list of related resources that were discussed.
Ask for PDF's from People With Institutional Access [11] PDF sharing facebook group