Wiki wish-list

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Welcome to the Wiki Wish-list.

Here's a place for you to add your ideas for the wiki:

  • what do you need more information on?
  • what would you like to find in your local area?
  • do you need some advice?

Add your wishes to the bottom of the list. We'll work together to track down answers to your queries and get them up on the site as quickly as we can. You can add content to the site at any time, and we also hold monthly sessions on Zoom to look through the wish list, troubleshoot any issues and offer support on how to add to and edit the site.

Find us on Discord or email the caretaker for more information at

1) A space to add links or information that doesn't fit any existing category on the wiki/I don't know where to put it.

  • We now have a section called 'Sorting Pile' where you can do this. ENJOY!

2) How can we list regular crits in the network page? Another field in the table? A separate section under each city?

3) Art Reference Libraries , Art Trade Unions , key magazines

4) A Grave yard of unsuccessful applications/successful funding applications, so people can learn form others success and failures

  • Added link to The White Pube - Successful funding application library under Resources

5) An 'ecologies' section - courses, exhibitions, eco-artists, wildlife gardens, connecting with people who are protecting natural areas, potential for interdisciplinary work. Local/global trusts and organisations that artists could work and connect with. Hands on help and support for planting, etc.

6) A performance artist page of events happening in the uk, performance groups/troupes, and an archive of performance work in the UK.

7) It would be great to have a more structured data approach rather than adding info in tables on pages. Definitions should be reached about what constitutes a studio, vs an art space, vs a gallery, and if they can be together or if they need to be separated. Networks should probably be broken down into sub pages. A dream would be: to be able to click on a place name, and have an automatically populated list of all of the art spaces, artists, programmes operating in that area. This should be possible with a database rather than text entries, I think!